Photography Days

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Birds of Prey Photography in Wiltshire

We have exclusive access to a wide range of iconic birds of prey in the idyllic New Forest at Wiltshire. Photography sessions with such iconic British birds as Golden Eagles, Peregrine Falcons, Gyr Falcons, Great Grey Owl, Kestrels Barn Owls Tawny Owls to name but a few available for the Forest falconry Photography Days.

  • Group sizes will be kept small to allow individuals to move freely with their equipment
  • The cost is £60 per person and lasts approximately 4 hours, with tea and coffee provided

Follow us on Facebook & Instagram for upcoming dates

Follow us on Facebook & Instagram for upcoming dates

Natural Woodland Settings for Photography in The New Forest

Our aim is to set the optimum scenes to enable you to take both static and flying pictures in as natural a setting as possible. During the demonstrations, birds will fly directly overhead and whether or not you have a long lens, you will always get an opportunity for a close encounter. The challenge flight photography is even more exciting when your subject is one of our majestic birds of prey in their natural environment-just imagine adding that to your portfolio!

We’re based at a fantastic location for photography, and a perfect environment to host Photography Days! We have a large collection of dazzling raptors and many are accessible at close range. Our flying team can be photographed from many different angles. Many of the large birds have proved to be the popular subjects of close-up portraits. With a natural backdrop of trees in breath taking New Forest Woodland, our Photography Day dates will be posted on our Facebook page so follow us and watch this space for available dates in the future

Falconry Experience Days

Falconry was introduced to Europe circa 400 AD when Huns and Alans invaded from the East. In more recent history, falconry became popular as a sport of kings. It

Meet the Flying Team

The undisputed stars of the show! With binocular vision, powerful talons and merciless hunting skills, birds of prey are the masters of the skies. Powerful wings combined with the skills to use thermals, the wind and the landscape enable graceful airborne acrobatics.

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If you have any questions about booking one of our Falconry Experience Days, Want to know more about our Birds of Prey or wish to speak to a member of our team about specific requirements then please get in touch.