Meet The Flying Team!

Hannah & Steve

Owners / Falconers

Hannah and Steve, completely dedicated to the birds of prey in their keeping.  They are fully registered and licensed to keep and display their birds and will share their specialist knowledge with you during your Experience Day and make it a day to remember.


Falconry conjures up ideas up of medieval nobility, wearing a Falconer’s gauntlet you can experience the thrill of holding, flying and hunting with a stunning bird in the beautiful natural woodland surroundings of The New Forest.


Our Harris Hawk is a magnificent hunter who will follow you in the tree canopy as you walk along the wooded paths. This connection with a soaring bird of prey really does make you catch your breath; the hawk will regularly return to your gloved fist along the way.


Meet our top predators, our Golden Eagles, truly dominating birds of prey. When you visit Forest Falconry, you will encounter them face to face and learn about their welfare and conservation. There is no feeling like looking into the eyes of one of nature’s apex hunters.


As well as being surrounded by wild owls in their natural habitat we have a magnificent collection for you to meet, including the huge European Eagle owl, the rare Great Grey Owl and, one of the world’s largest, the Siberian Eagle Owl.

Juvenile Golden Eagle

We are extremely excited about our beautiful baby golden eagle, Archer, he is the latest addition to the Forest Falconry family, we are currently nurturing and training him in preparation for joining the Flying Team and meeting our guests.

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